Walmart Vigilante Confronts Alleged Shoplifter on Camera

A Walmart customer took matters into his own hands with a camera, following a man he says stole a cart full of stuff from the store. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's a shoplifting showdown. Video was shot by an outraged customer who says every item in another man's shopping cart was stolen.

"Just ran this stuff out of Walmart right here, stole it. Just stole all this stuff," said the man who recorded the video. 

Now, the man who confronted the alleged thief is speaking out.

"None of the items were bagged. It was very obvious that he was stealing them," said the cameraman.

The dramatic face-off happened at a Walmart in a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Confronted, the accused thief appears to pull off his license plate so it can't be recorded.

Customer: "He's taking off right now."

Accused thief: "Whatever, dude."

Customer: "He took his license plate."

The cameraman tried to get another number off the vehicle.

Customer: "There's the VIN number."

The guy in the hat denies he's stolen anything.

Customer: "Just stole all this stuff."

Accused thief: "I paid for it."

Even so, he throws everything into the SUV like he's in a real hurry.

Good Morning America spoke by phone to the guy who shot the video.

"I asked him if he had paid for his items and he kind of said, 'Sir, don't worry about that,'" said the customer.

On The View, Whoopi Goldberg was amazed by one particular aspect of the confrontation. "I find it very peculiar that you could get out with all that stuff," said Goldberg.