'Separatist' Posts Pics Wearing Looted Mascara From MH17 Crash

A female 'separatist' posted selfies, saying she was wearing mascara that was looted from the Malaysia Airlines crash site, and it has triggered an avalanche of controversy. INSIDE EDITION has more.

She's the dark-haired beauty in a storm of controversy. Did she really wear makeup looted from the Malaysia Airlines crash? Makeup that once belonged to one of the dead passengers?

That's what many are asking after an astonishing boast by the woman on Instagram.

The young woman, who lives in Ukraine near the crash site, posted a photo of a mascara bottle, along with two selfies.

She wrote: "Mascara from Amsterdam, or to be precise, from the field." "An acquaintance of mine, a looter, gave it to me."

There have been reports of looting at the crash site, with people picking through the wreckage at will. And one British reporter apologized after rummaging through a piece of luggage.

Reaction to the young woman's boast about the makeup has been savage.

"She is a disgusting ghoul," say one blogger.

Another wrote: "It is sick. Completely sick."