Double Decker Mayhem at the Crossroads to the World! Was one of the Bus Drivers Under the Influence?

Fifteen people were injured when tour buses collided in Times Square, sending a traffic light plunging on pedestrians. INSIDE EDITION reports from the scene.

There's outrage today over that shocking tour bus crash at the Crossroads of the World, New York's Times Square.

The driver of a red double decker tour bus has been charged with driving while impaired in the middle of the afternoon!

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The accident happened right at the corner of 47th Street and Seventh Avenue, right next to the TKTS stand where tourists line up to buy discount Broadway tickets. The red Gray Line sightseeing bus sideswiped another before jumping the curb onto the sidewalk.  

Part of the crash was caught on Earthcam surveillance video. Recent footage shows a yellow traffic light being knocked to the ground. It hit one man who hopped away with an injured leg, and then people ran to help as a child's stroller became caught under a light pole.

A Twitter photo shows the red stroller crushed by the fallen light. The three-year-old daughter of an Australian couple was injured.

"The lamp post support fell on her and crushed her stroller, yeah," said the girl's father.

Video posted on Instagram shows some of the injured moments after the crash.   

The force of the impact destroyed the front of the bus. In all 15 people were injured, three seriously, including a tour guide who was trapped under the dashboard.
"Everybody was running. Everybody was running for cover," said a bystander.

There are nearly 200 of these giant tour buses on New York City streets, with rival companies plying similar routes around New York City landmarks. 

Ticket sellers compete for business right in the street.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent took a ride on the top of one of the buses. They move slowly so tourists can take photos and video.

The accident in Times Square could have been much worse. Fortunately, neither of the two buses were crowded with passengers.