Just Released Surveillance Tape of Socialite's Closet Robber As He Steals $1 Million in Luxury Goods

INSIDE EDITION has obtained surveillance footage showing the robbery of "America's most lavish closet."

Just released surveillance video shows a brazen burglar walking away with a million dollars worth of stuff from what's being called “America’s most lavish closet.”

In the video, the thief headed straight for the expensive Birkin bags. He grabbed one bag, then, can be seen climbing the shelves nabbing two more of the uber luxurious bags costing $60,000 each.

Texan socialite Theresa Roemer was shocked when she saw the video.  

She told INSIDE EDITION, “He was definitely a professional. He had done his homework."

The thief also pocketed 10 Rolex watches and up to a dozen Chanel and Cartier watches, along with some pricey jewelry. Police are hoping the surveillance video will lead to an arrest.

Roemer said, "No one should ever deserve to be robbed!"