Lindsay Lohan Back in Court for Alleged Probation Violation

INSIDE EDITION reports on the latest day in court for Lindsay Lohan who is facing allegation that she violated her probation.

The troubled actress appeared in a Beverly Hills court facing the possibility of jail time for violating probation from those 2007 DUI arrests.

The usually tardy Lindsay showed up more than 10 minutes early.  She was flanked by court security officers and wore sunglasses, a baggy black sweater and gray pants. It was a much more conservative look than her last court ensemble with that plunging white blouse.

In court, prosecutors made a shocking claim about Lindsay, that her scram device sent a notification it detected alcohol when she attended an after party for the MTV movie awards last month.

"It's not only the alcohol, as well, the people are going to put forth evidence about, it's also the fact that the device was tampered with," said the prosecutor.

Lindsay claims the ankle bracelet malfunctioned, but Judge Marsha Revel seemed highly skeptical.

"In all the cases where I've imposed scram, I just had somebody who wore it for an entire year, it didn't go off once, so it's remarkable that it went off within two weeks of your client having it on," said Judge Revel.

Lindsay looked visibly relieved when, after consideration, the judge decided the scram going off wasn't enough to send Lindsay to jail.

The actress furiously took notes while employees of the alcohol education program she attended were questioned about whether Lindsay was in compliance with court orders.

The question some are now asking is whether Lindsay is being made an example of and is being treated more harshly because of her celebrity status, and the fact that her missteps make headlines.

CBS legal analyst Trent Copeland said, "I think she's being treated more harshly in part because the court really has had enough of Lindsay Lohan. I think she's fed up with her. Clearly this judge is not unaware that we've got hundreds of photographers and hundreds of media here and the court seems to be having a pretty good time with this all."