Rest In Peace: Robin Williams' Ashes Scattered At Sea

Robin Williams' ashes were scattered over San Francisco Bay, overlooking the city he loved the most. INSIDE EDITION has details.

We're getting our first look at Robin Williams' official death certificate.

The actor's full name is listed, Robin McLaurin Williams. His occupation? Actor and comedian. And most significant of all, the certificate reveals that Williams was cremated just one day after he committed suicide.

The document also states that his ashes were scattered in San Francisco Bay, near the waterfront estate where he was found hanging.  The cause of death is left blank pending investigation.

We're now learning that the funeral for the beloved star was held in secret on August 12, the day after his body was discovered. A small group of mourners gathered to say goodbye. Then, his ashes were scattered over San Francisco Bay.

Several of his most popular movies took place in San Francisco, including Mrs. Doubtfire.

He described his love for the city in a 1982 HBO special, when he said, "San Francisco. I love this city. I grew up here. It's always been a very, very special place to me. I leave, there's always something that pulls me back to this city."

Robin Williams and San Francisco Bay. Surely a fitting setting in the place he loved most.