‘Emmygeddon' - Will L.A. Traffic Jam TV's Biggest Night?

Los Angeles' traffic could play a starring role in this year’s Emmy Awards. INSIDE EDITION reports from the red carpet.

As last minute touches are being made, the infamous Los Angeles traffic is playing a starring role in this year's Emmy’s. That's because the award show, which is usually held on Sunday night is being held on a weeknight in downtown L.A. at the height of rush hour.

Nominees are being advised to get to the Nokia Theatre extra early.

But even once they get at the limo drop off area, they still have quite a way to go before they arrive at the beginning of the red carpet. The red carpet doesn't start until they are clear on the other side of the Staples Center.

The A-listers will actually walk a white carpet and then enter the Staples Center. They'll walk through one building before exiting on the other side where they'll find the red carpet.

It's only after they leave the Staples Center that the stars are finally ready for their close ups. They will walk down a carpet and into the Nokia Theatre.

If stars make it through all that, they'll have an incredible dinner waiting for them afterwards. They'll feast on a filet mignon main course and then have S’mores for desert.

This is Hollywood’s version of a S’more:

  • Whipped milk chocolate
  • Toasted marshmallow fluff
  • Graham crumple
  • Chocolate pop rocks

That dessert might make the traffic and all that walking worth it.

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