Miley Cyrus Angered By Media Revealing Homeless VMA Date's Arrest Warrant

Miley Cyrus is lashing out at the focus on the arrest warrant for the homeless dude she took to the VMAs. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Miley Cyrus is howling mad over the spotlight that shined on the young man she brought to the VMAs and is now burning him!

At Sunday’s VMAs, Jesse Helt accepted Cyrus’ award for Video of the Year saying, "My name is Jesse, and I’m accepting this award on behalf of 1.6 million runaways and homeless youth."

The world was wowed by Jesse, the guy Cyrus chose to receive her VMA award and then stunned to learn that he's wanted in Oregon for violating his probation after pleading guilty to criminal trespassing.

Cyrus claims Jesse’s sudden turn from fame to shame is the media's fault, angrily tweeting: "The media never fails to disappoint. You've chosen to go after Jesse instead of covering the issue of youth homelessness :(."

INSIDE EDITION was there as cops sought Jesse at his mom's house in Salem, Oregon. She told them he wasn't there.

On Good Morning America, Linda Helt said she's pleased of her son's VMA appearance saying, “I’m proud of him for that, that he stood up and made a difference."

Cops told INSIDE EDITION that Jesse had been to his mother's house and left.

We asked, "If you meet with him, are you going to arrest him?"

The officer said, "Well, his P.O. needs to talk to him. It could likely happen."