Nine-Year-Old Girl Fires Uzi, Accidentally Kills Instructor

A nine-year-old girl firing an Uzi submachine gun accidentally shot and killed the gun instructor when the powerful weapon recoiled. INSIDE EDITION reports.

This nine-year-old girl was being taught how to shoot an Uzi submachine gun. What happened next is a tragedy.

She pulled the trigger on the Uzi and accidentally shot her instructor in the head.

The cell phone video, released by police, cuts off just before the fatal shot is fired. The instructor, 39-year-old Charles Vacca, can be heard congratulating the little girl after she first pulls the trigger.

Vacca then switched the gun from single shot mode to machine gun setting. When the gun recoiled, she apparently lost control and at least one bullet hit Vacca in the head. He was killed instantly.

Gun ranges like the one in Las Vegas called Bullets and Burgers have become big tourist business.  

The nine-year-old girl was from New Jersey and was vacationing with her parents. The girl has not been identified.

At the Seneca Sporting Range in New York City, John DeLoca showed INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent what the teacher in Las Vegas may have done wrong.

"He let his hand off the gun. The girl's only nine-years-old, maybe 75 pounds. The weapon is so much stronger and it climbed, and this individual, the instructor, paid with his life," siad DeLoca.

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He said he never would have allowed such a young girl to fire a weapon like that.

"Would you let your nine-year-old daughter, with no safety training?" asked DeLoca.

Trent replied, "Absolutely not."

"Common sense. Just my gut feeling says, wrong to start, wrong in the middle, and wrong in the end," said DeLoca.

All over YouTube, INSIDE EDITION found many videos of children shooting some really powerful guns. Kids shoot Uzi's and even AK 47's. They're so little they sometimes have trouble handling the weaponry. One video shows a girl just two years old.

There are even gun ranges that cater to kids. The Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville, Texas, hosts parties for kids. Birthday cake and ice cream followed a gun safety class and then, off to the range.

In 2011, an eight-year-old boy was killed in the same way as the gun range instructor from Vegas when the gun recoiled and one bullet struck him in the head.

Authorities have said that the little nine-year-old girl will not be charged. There will also be no charges filed against the shooting range.