'I Already Want to Stab Some Kids.' Teacher Goes On Violent Rant

A teacher is under fire for taking to Twitter and making threatening remarks about her students. Now, some parents want her fired. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It could have been a scene straight out of the Cameron Diaz movie Bad Teacher. But one real-life teacher has shocked the nation with the online rant she conducted against her students.

The teacher's name is Krista Hodges. She teaches at Newark Memorial High School outside San Francisco. Another teacher at the school saw the tweets and raised the alarm.

Hodges wrote online, "I already want to stab some kids. Is that bad?"

She also posted, "So happy to be ... away from the ones who truly try my patience & make my trigger finger itchy."

And then, she said, "Y'all think you can hate us teachers? Guess what? We feel the same about some of you."

Hodges actually wished two of her students "would get hit by a car."

And she said she was going to bring coffee to school so she'd have "something to dump on the little --------."

Several students defended Hodges.

One student told INSIDE EDITION," She's a great person. She's my best friend. She's my mom, basically."

Another student said, "I honestly believe that this was just an innocent mistake she made."

Now, Hodges has apologized, saying, "I never expected anyone would take me seriously."

Hodges also stressed that she "would never touch a student."

She has been given a reprimand but is still teaching.