That's No River, That's a Highway! Flash Floods Caught On Video

Severe weather is striking many areas of the country with heavy rains and flash floods. INSIDE EDITION reports on the section of highway near Las Vegas that was washed away.

Gripping video of a mountain coming apart in Utah was shot by a family driving on Interstate 15.    

Another harrowing image was taken on the same highway in Las Vegas when a minivan owned by Margie and Loren Miller was swept backwards.

Margie told reporters, "It was like a waterfall. And we went down in that."

Margie was found floating in the raging current when she was rescued by a Las Vegas police officer.

Loren scrambled to the top of the van. Construction workers tossed him a rope and pulled him to safety.

It wasn't a river. It was the highway! That's what some motorists found when they stepped out of their cars and walked to the edge of the collapsed interstate as water rushed by. Definitely a bad idea!

In Riverside, California, water poured down the side of a mountain and flooded a country club.

The state of Arizona has also been hit by flash floods. Two people were killed by the fast moving waters there.

Wild weather causing havoc across America.

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