Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Erase Maria Shriver From Official Portrait?

Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled his official portrait in California’s State Capitol building, and some are saying he had Maria Shriver erased. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

He once made a movie called Eraser. The film was famous for Arnold Schwarzenegger's line, "You've been erased!" Now, Arnold is living up to the name for real.

The former California Governor has reportedly "erased" the face of ex-wife Maria Shriver from his official portrait.

Schwarzenegger just unveiled his larger-than-life oil painting at the California State Capitol.

"Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that one day I would be be Governor, or that one day there would be a portrait hanging in the State Capitol," said Schwarzenegger at the ceremony.

The New York Post says when Arnold sat for the painting in 2003, while things were still hunky-dory with his marriage, he was displaying a lapel pin showing Maria's face.

Now that Arnold and his wife have split, he apparently had Maria's face painted over in the portrait, according to the post.

You've just been erased!