Watchdog Group Fed Up With Naked TV Trend, Says To Put Some Clothes On!

Naked TV programming is blurring the line between entertainment and what some say is lewd content. INSIDE EDITION reports on one parenting group saying enough is enough.

Here comes the bride and she's naked! The guests were naked too. Its TV’s first naked wedding.

Naked people are all over TV. Three cable shows feature nude characters. There's Naked Dating, Naked Survival, even Naked House Hunting.

Now, one watchdog group is speaking out saying "put some clothes on!"

Melissa Henson of The Parents Council told INSIDE EDITION, "The fact that this is so accessible to kids is pretty outrageous. I think what is more insulting for the average cable subscriber is the fact that we have to subsidize this kind of programming, whether we watch it or not. A portion of our cable bill is going to pay the production company."

The stars of the naked wedding, Ashley Fonda and Alika Medeiros, met on VH1's Dating Naked. On Thursday they are getting married.

But is it all too much?

Henson said, "Producers and networks are going to continue to up the ante. I think we are going to see things progressively get worse and worse, unless or until consumers put their foot down and say, 'Enough!'"