Has Teen Bandit Colton Harris-Moore Made His Way to the Bahamas?

He's the most wanted teenager in the United States and now "Barefoot Bandit" Colton Harris-Moore may be an international fugitive! Authorities believe Harris-Moore stole a Cessna 400 and crash-landed it 1,000 miles away, in the Bahamas. I

Teen fugitive Colton Harris-Moore has made his latest move. This time, Harris-Moore, who's wanted in a string of burglaries and thefts across the U.S., crash-landed a plane in the Bahamas!

Bahamian cops have issued a new wanted poster, warning that Harris-Moore is considered armed and dangerous.

Bahamian authorities say Harris-Moore climbed over a barbed wire fence that leads to a private airport. Investigators believe he was ready to steal yet another airplane but was scared into the woods by a security guard. Police are now using search dogs in an effort to try and track him.

The FBI has also released a new wanted poster offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to Harris-Moore's arrest.

"Colton Harris-Moore has gone from a regional nuisance to an international problem," says FBI special agent Steven Dean.

The 19-year-old cult figure has been on the run from U.S. authorities for two years.

He's known as the Catch Me If You Can fugitive because of the similarities to the Tom Hanks-Leonardo DiCaprio hit movie.

He has also been called the "Barefoot Bandit" because he has allegedly committed some break-ins without wearing shoes. And perhaps in a nod to the nickname, two cartoonish footprints and the message "CYA" were found drawn on the floor at a crime scene in Washington.

Harris-Moore is also renowned for stealing light planes. He taught himself how to fly, and crash-lands the planes, somehow always getting out alive.

INSIDE EDITION was hot on his trail a few months ago, and sent up a remote-controlled chopper with an infrared camera over the remote island outside of Seattle, where he was believed to be hiding.

But now it seems the teenager has made his way to the Bahamas.

Harris-Moore allegedly took off in a Cessna 400 stolen from an airfield in Bloomington, Indiana and flew a remarkable 1,000 miles before crash-landing in the island nation of the Bahamas.

The plane was worth $600,000.