Lady Gaga Gets Wet and Wild

Lady Gaga didn't let a sudden downpour stop her from performing for the largest crowd ever assembled at Rockefeller Center for her free concert. INSIDE EDITION has the latest on the Gaga craze. 

Lady Gaga got wet and wild when a freak rainstorm erupted during her live performance on the Today Show.  A record-breaking crowd of 18,000 fans turned out, and got soaked as well.

While singing her hit song "Teeth", the pop star, wearing a black bra, suspenders and pants, got completely drenched.

"This one's for you little monsters," said Gaga.

She really got into it, flipping her rain-soaked hair around and rolling on the wet stage.  Somehow, her makeup didn't run.

Rain or shine, Gaga definitely rocked Thirty Rock!

"Let it rain," proclaimed Gaga during her performance.

And how hot is Lady Gaga?  It still isn't two years since her debut and she's already sold 40 million singles and is listed by Forbes as the second most important musician in the world.