First Video: Randy Travis with Cane Following Stroke

Randy Travis made his first public appearance since suffering a stroke, and it appears he’s got a tough road ahead. INSIDE EDITION has details.

It's a heartbreaking video of country music superstar Randy Travis making his first public appearance since suffering a debilitating stroke.

He now walks slowly, and needs a cane.  

Travis awkwardly lowered himself into a chair as guests applauded him at a charity banquet in Texas.

Sadly, since his stroke a year ago, Travis cannot speak or sing, says his fiancée Mary Davis.

"We're learning words and phrases, learning to sing, of course the music and the songs come easy," said Davis.

We all remember Randy Travis in his prime.

But Travis started a downhill spiral following his arrest for drunk driving in 2012.

A passing driver called 911 after finding the singer unconscious and naked.

"I just found a guy laying in the road," said the caller.

Now, everyone wonders if Randy Travis will ever sing again.  

"That's his goal, is to get back on the stage again doing what he loves to do," said Davis.