She Has Three Breasts...Or Does She?

It sounded too bizarre to be true when a woman claimed to have three breasts through plastic surgery. Is it one a big hoax? INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Who wouldn't be skeptical about a woman who claims to have had a third breast implanted between her two natural ones.

She goes by the pseudonym "Jasmine Tridevil", and she's getting worldwide attention for that middle mammary. The headlines are far from sympathetic.

One headline read: "Woman With Three Breasts Is A Fake."

Another was: "Fake Or Freak?"

You'll recall that the movie Total Recall featured a Martian woman with three breasts. Back to reality, where the 21-year-old from Tampa, Florida, claims to have spent $20,000 on an operation to have that third breast implanted, believing it will help her land the reality show she desperately craves.

Can such a surgical procedure even be performed?

Dr. Sharon Giese is a plastic surgeon in New York City. She told INSIDE EDITION, "I don't believe putting a third breast on is possible. More than that, it is really not a good idea."