Man Attacked By Rabid Bat

It started out as a peaceful camping trip for one couple until a rabid bat swooped in and attacked. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a peaceful setting of a guy playing the guitar during a camping trip. But suddenly a flying bat swooped in and it attacked.

It happened outside Portland, Oregon. Little did software developer Darrick Skou know that the bat was also rabid and the creature had sunk his teeth into his neck and drawn blood.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "It bit me right here. It landed on my chest and then crawled up and bit me."

Darrick's girlfriend Jodi shot video of the incident.

An even bigger shock came two days later as a test on the bat, which had been captured and killed, confirmed that it had rabies, which is almost always a fatal disease if not treated.

Darrick and Jodi started treatment immediately. Jodi wasn't bitten but she also needs shots because she cleaned Darrick's wound. It’s an intense treatment that involves a series of four injections over a period of two weeks.

A few lessons can be learned from this experience.

First, if you're bitten by a bat: doctors say wash the wound thoroughly with soapy water. Seek medical attention immediately. If possible, test the bat for rabies.