'Fear For My Life' 'Modern Family' Star Sarah Hyland Gets Order Of Protection Against Boyfriend

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland says she was in fear for her life over physical and verbal abuse from her actor boyfriend, Matt Prokop. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Disturbing allegations surfaced today from Modern Family star Sarah Hyland. For four years, she says she has endured an ordeal of verbal and physical abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, actor Matt Prokop.

Hyland has just obtained a temporary restraining order against Prokop. In court documents she claims he: "pinned me against a car" and "began to choke me."

As Hyland describes it: "His grip was so tight that I could not breathe or speak. I was scared and in fear for my life."

He also screamed profanities at her and called her "slutty looking."

She also says Prokop threatened to set her house on fire and threatened her dog, Barkley.

"He relentlessly bombarded me with vile, threatening and emotionally disturbing texts and voice mails including his own suicide threats," stated Hyland.

Coincidentally, Modern Family premieres Wednesday night for its 6th season. Matt Prokop even had a cameo on the show playing, you guessed it, Sarah Hyland's boyfriend.

Prokop was with Hyland in Australia last year when, in a notorious incidient, she was groped by a creepy fan on the red carpet. Prokop fired off this angry tweet: "To the ----- who assaulted Sarah tonight I hope to god you don't see next week."  

The next day, he was by her side, his arm around her protectively.

When Hyland broke up with Prokop last month, she was so terrified that she asked her TV mom, Julie Bowen to help "peacefully end the relationship."

But, according to the documents, when Prokop arrived at Hyland's house and saw Julie Bowen, he became enraged and threw a lighter at Hyland. Bowen had to step in to protect her.

Prokop has just completed a stint in rehab. Sarah Hyland claims the director of the rehab facility advised her to get a restraining order due to Prokop's "mental state and attitude against her."