President Obama's 'Latte Salute' Causes Stir

People are buzzing over President Obama saluting Marine guards while holding a cup of coffee in his hand. INSIDE EDITION has more.

It's being called the "Latte Salute."

President Obama saluted his Marine guards with a coffee cup in his hand, and it's creating quite a stir.

The White House itself posted the video on Instagram as the president gave the latte salute to the two Marines as he stepped off his helicopter in New York City. Twitter immediately exploded. 

"Terrible!" tweeted Donald Trump.

Others don't see what the big deal is.

Bill O'Reilly said on Fox and Friends, "I know how people don't like President Obama, but once in a while you got to cut him a little slack."

On the Today show, Natalie Morales said, "There's a lot more, bigger, concerns in this world and we're focusing on a cup of coffee."

It's not the first time a president has been blasted over a lapse in military protocol. You might remember the photo of former President George W. Bush saluting his Marine guards with his hands full of his dog, Barney.

Meanwhile, after the second day of airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, the FBI is now warning Americans to "be vigilant" against potential terrorist retaliation.

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian spoke to security expert Manny Gomez in New York's Times Square.

Fabian asked, "How rare is a warning like that?"

"That's a pretty rare thing. Obviously, law enforcement and the intelligence community in general are on high alert. They clearly got actionable information that an attack is being planned," said Gomez.