Gordo The Dog Goes Home After Being Run Over In Wild Chase

The little dog who was run over by a suspect in a wild police chase is back home and recovering well. INSIDE EDITION caught up with Gordo, his owner and his vet.

Happy news about a little white dog whose plight touched hearts across America when he was run over by the driver of a stolen van in a horrifying moment captured by a helicopter camera crew.

And cameras were there when Gordo, a Maltese mix, somehow managed to find his way back to his Los Angeles home, cowering in pain in the bathroom.

His tearful owner rushed the wounded dog to a local veterinary hospital where doctors were confronted with two big questions: 1. Would Gordo survive? and 2. Would he keep his severely wounded leg?

The answer to both questions is, Yes!

Veterinary surgeon Kim Carey showed INSIDE EDITION Gordo's many scars after surgical procedures to his fractured leg and pelvis that cost $8,000, and left him walking with a limp.

Watch more of Carey's Interview about his recovery

"He's very lucky to have made it through," said Carey.

Thankfully, donations from all over the country are helping cover the bill.

Gordo's grateful owner was glad to take him home, but the little pooch still has a lot of rehab ahead and everybody's rooting for his full recovery.

"He's tiny, but he's tough," said Carey.