Rat Swarm! Do They Have The Worst Neighbor Ever?

An upscale neighborhood is the last place one would expect an infestation of rats, but INSIDE EDITION met one family who claims their neighbor is causing the problem.

A rat infestation is not a sight you would expect to see in one of Los Angeles' most upscale suburbs.

While INSIDE EDITION was interviewing homeowner Erik Jacobsen, a rat appeared right behind him in our interview.   
He told INSIDE EDITION, “It's like nightmare on 81st Street. It's crazy.”

The homes on 81st Street in Los Angeles are in the million dollar range. It's a lovely neighborhood. But one house, according to the neighbors, is rat central. Why? Because it's claimed that the married couple who live there are feeding the wild rats and treating them like pets.

INSIDE EDITION confronted the homeowner and asked, “Are you keeping rats as pets? Your neighbors are worried that keeping rats is a health hazard.”

The woman who lives in the house with her husband declined to speak to us. Neighbors say she's a school teacher.

Erik Jacobson says the rats number in the hundreds. Because they're nocturnal the rats come out after dark.

The problem gets so bad that he spends his nights on rat patrol. Armed with a flashlight, Erik and his dog, Kona, search the garage for rats.

His wife, Adriana says she asked her neighbors to stop feeding the rats, saying, “They act surprised like they had no idea that there was a problem.”

For now, all this family can do is continue their war on rats on their own.

Eric said, "This is out of control."

All the city has done is force the rat house owner to trim his trees and bushes because they are good hiding places for rodents.