Parents of 'Slenderman' Stabbing Victim Speak Out

The parents of a 12-year-old girl who was stabbed 19 times, allegedly by two friends as a sacrifice to the fictitous online character Slenderman are speaking out. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The parents of the 12-year-old victim in the notorious Slenderman stabbing spoke out about their nightmare.

The victim's mother said, "I could see that she was covered. Her arms and her legs and her abdomen were covered in stab wounds. She was pale as a ghost. She was terrified, she was crying, she couldn't breathe."

Their daughter was lured into the woods, allegedly by two friends, both also just 12 years old, and then stabbed 19 times as a sacrifice to the fictitious online ghoul known as Slenderman.

The mom and dad sat down with ABC World News Tonight anchorman David Muir for a 20/20 special airing Friday.

Muir stated, "One of the stab wounds came within a hair of the major artery in the heart."

INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero asked, "What is the difference between this young lady, who was able to have the resilience to survive, and another girl, who wouldn't have been that strong?"

"That's the thing, Lisa, when you meet this 12-year-old girl, you're going to see how incredibly strong she is. I don't think any adult could have done what she did to crawl out of those woods," responded Muir.

Muir also spoke out about the dangers of macabre online creations like Slenderman.

Muir stated, "It's not necessarily that Slenderman is this, you know, boogeyman, but it is an eye-opener that there are stories and tales being told on the Internet that some kids some times have a hard time knowing what's real and what's not real."