George Clooney Promised Wedding Guests Fun, But No Cell Phones

George Clooney and bride Amal Alamuddin promised their wedding guests the affair would be fun, but please, no cell phones. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It’s the top-secret greeting that George Clooney and his bride left for their guests.

As the glittering who’s who of showbiz arrived in Venice for the wedding of the year, they were given a for-your-eyes-only letter outlining their schedule for the weekend.

The letter from Amal and George read, “This is going to be fun! We're both so glad you're here. It means the world to us."

Jamie Miles from commented on the letter, saying, "It's addressing the guests very casually, very informally just letting them know exactly what to expect this wedding weekend."

The first event was at the swanky Hotel Cipriani. "Friday evening, a toast downstairs to welcome everyone. There's drinks and a piano man around the pool," said the letter.

"If you want to go into town for a tour or dinner, just talk to your hostess and she'll set it up," it continued.

Then, the big day; "Saturday, you're on your own until the wedding. If you need to do hair or makeup before the wedding, we've put together a salon for that in the hotel. Drinks are at  5pm downstairs, and then we leave together on boats at 6pm,” read the letter.

Sure enough, off George and his guests went in Venice's famous boats.

Guests were asked to leave their cell phones behind for the ceremony. They were provided with specially coded cell phones. "We use them so we know exactly who's with us, or if we've left anyone behind, and if someone who isn't invited has tried to come in," the letter explained.

"Amal and George were so interested in keeping this wedding private and intimate that they even gave their guests cell phones and cameras with special password protected key codes so that the photos wouldn't get out there," said Miles.

Sunday there's a brunch and a dinner, "Monday we all sneak out of town before the bill," prankster Clooney joked.

And this being a Hollywood event, there was of course a “shwag bag.”

"Enclosed are a few things for you to take home," the couple wrote, "An iPod with some playlists that we picked out and a speaker to play it in our room."

The couple also included a photo of themselves goofing around, "The only decent picture we've ever taken."

Uh ... Hardly, George.