Trucker Arrested in Missing Real Estate Agent Case Runs 'College of Crime'

A suspect has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a real estate agent and authorities are investigating his online presence. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A 33-year-old truck driver arrested for allegedly kidnapping a real estate agent saw himself as a daredevil and a casanova.

Aaron Lewis was captured by police in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Monday. But, there is still no sign of the real estate agent who had been showing him a house for sale.

Lewis posted a profile on the dating website called, “Plenty of Fish.” He described himself as a daredevil looking for casual dating with no commitment and boasted about his athletic body. 

And get this: He also runs an online “college of crime,” a Youtube channel which features videos teaching would-be criminals how to steal.

One video, for example, shows shoplifters how to beat a store security system.

Police say Lewis kidnapped 51-year-old Beverly Carter, who was showing him a house. He said he was looking to buy it for $250,000 cash.

When Carter failed to come home, her husband texted her, “Are you alright?”

She replied, “Yes.”

Then, hours later she texted, “Sorry. Phone dead. Having drinks right now.”

But, police believe it was her kidnapper who was texting.

Carl Carter pleaded for his wife’s safe return, “I really just pray the he'll tell us what we need to know in order for us to go get Beverly”

Her son, Carl Jr. joined the searchers and said, “You lose all hope and your mind goes to very dark places, and I refuse to let the dark places win.”

Lewis narrowly evaded capture Sunday after he got involved in a car crash and was taken by police to the hospital. A photo was taken of his bloody face.

But, he fled the emergency room shortly before an arrest warrant charging him with kidnapping was issued.

Now for a disturbing fact: An incredible 200 realtors have been murdered in the last 20 years while showing homes.

Josh Altman of TV’s Million Dollar Listing told INSIDE EDITION, “You are in a random house that sometimes is totally empty, it might at nighttime, and you don't know the person you are with.”

A dramatic police dash-cam video shows a man being arrested for raping a realtor near St. Louis in 2007.

He is now serving life in prison.

Meanwhile, hope for the safety of the missing realtor in Arkansas is dwindling.

“She's still my best friend and I just really want her back,” said Carl Jr.