Missing Child Found 12 Years Later

For 12 years, Greg Allen has searched for his daughter who, he says, was kidnapped by his wife. Now, his daughter has been found. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Greg Allen is overcome with emotion now that his 12-year mission to get his daughter back is finally over.

He said, "I’m absolutely elated, scared, terrified."

The last time Greg saw his daughter Sabrina was in 2002, she was four years old.

An emotional Greg told INSIDE EDITION, “The last thing she said to me was daddy, ‘Don't ever forget me.’ We did hand kisses and I said good-bye.”

Her mother, Dara Llorens, took her from her home in Austin, Texas, during a custody battle and fled to Mexico, allegedly brainwashing her against her dad.

“She was told that I was a horrible, horrible guy. She was told that I did all these bad things to her mother, that I did all these bad things to her,” said Greg.

Sabrina's story has been featured twice on America’s Most Wanted. The search was made more difficult because the girl's blonde hair had been dyed black. Her mother even underwent plastic surgery to change her appearance.

Greg said, "I barely recognize her. It is hard to believe the lengths [she went to] to hide."

An anonymous tip led authorities to an apartment outside Mexico City where Sabrina and her mother were living. The mother is now facing kidnapping charges in Texas.

Sabrina is 17 years old now and was flown back to Texas this week. She says she does not want to see her father, but Greg is making a special plea through INSIDE EDITION, saying, "I want you to play this for her, 'Sabrina, I love you. I never quit. I want to see you. I want to know you."

Mr. Allen says he knows Sabrina’s been through a lot and that it may be quite a while before she's able to meet with him.