Nik Wallenda's New Daring Stunt: Walking Skyscraper High Wire | Inside Edition

Nik Wallenda's New Daring Stunt: Walking Skyscraper High Wire

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Nik Wallenda as he prepares to take on his next daredevil stunt - walking a high wire between two Chicago skyscrapers.

Nik Wallenda thrilled people when he walked across Niagara Falls in 2012.

Then, he conquered the Grand Canyon one small step at a time.

Now comes his latest stunt which will have him tightrope walking between three Chicago skyscrapers during a live TV event on the Discovery Channel.

"I'm starting at a building that is about 550 feet up, and I'll finish on one that's over 670 feet up," said Wallenda.

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The tightrope will be strung 50 stories in the air from the Marina Towers to the Leo Burnett Building across the Chicago River and then back to the second Marina Tower.

All of this will be downtown in the Windy City, emphasis on Windy.

"I'm really trying to prepare for anything - from winds, I'll be training for winds up to 90 mph. I'll do some cold training, but a lot of that has to do with being flexible with what I'm wearing. There's a lot of science that goes into what I do," said Wallenda.

As if he needed more of a challenge, Wallenda also said, "I'll be doing two different legs of this walk. The first leg is the incline, the second leg is blindfolded."

"Why would you then add a blindfold on top of it?" asked INSIDE EDITION'S Les Trent.

"You know, again, it's about being creative, it's about doing different things, and trying to carry on that legacy," said Wallenda.

So Trent just had to ask the obvious question, "Why?"

"You know what, it's just what I love doing," responded Wallenda.

When he walked across Niagara Falls on ABC, the network insisted he wear a safety harness. No such safety precautions will be taken when he makes the Chicago attempt on November 2nd.