Taking the Plunge! Hot Air Balloon Proposal Plunges Couple Into Pacific Ocean

A couple’s romantic hot air balloon marriage proposal turned to crisis when the balloon plunged into the Pacific Ocean. INSIDE EDITION has details.

A proposal of marriage in a hot-air balloon goes wrong.

How? The sweethearts on board got a real soaking when the basket dipped into the ocean near San Diego.

The water continued to pour out of the bottom as the balloon went back up after dipping into the ocean. Waves pounded everyone aboard.

Some YouTube videos, shot by people on the beach, caught the whole drama. Even a drone flying over the beach caught the incident.

The balloon's pilot says unexpected winds blew the balloon out to sea. He tried to land in the ocean so that the waves would wash them to shore.

Surfers and lifeguards grabbed the rope to haul the balloon in. Finally, the balloon made it to the beach.

The couple on board was identified as Eric Barretto and his girlfriend, Ashley King.

This is not the first time a romantic balloon trip turned into a fiasco.

One couple had their wedding in a balloon and ended up crash landing.

And when one guy was preparing to pop the question to his girlfriend during a balloon ride, he put the ring in his camera bag for safe-keeping. Too bad he accidentally dropped it over the side.

Now, more proof that getting on board a hot air balloon when you pop the question might not be such a hot idea.