Former 'Baywatch' Beauty Now Driving an Ice Cream Truck

Nicole Eggert is barely recognizable from her sexy Baywatch days, driving an ice cream truck after declaring bankruptcy last year. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Who's that driving the ice cream truck? It's former Baywatch babe Nicole Eggert!

Have things gotten so bad for the blonde stunner she's forced to sell ice cream to kids? Nicole was barely recognizable; her hair in a pony tail, wearing glasses, denim shorts, and black tennis shoes.

She tweeted a picture of the green "Scoops" ice cream truck she says she renovated two weeks ago saying; "My new truck thank u I absolutely love it!"

There's no question Eggert has had her share of  money woes. Last year she declared bankruptcy, the third time in 12 months.

So, it could be a "rocky road" ahead for Eggert's new career behind the wheel of an ice cream truck.