From the Depths of Alzheimer's, Glen Campbell's Final Song

A recent recording of Glen Campbell may be his final song as the country music legend battles the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Glen Campbell has recorded his final song in the country music legend's last recording session.

The heart-breaking video shows the 78-year-old singer as he enters the final stages of Alzheimer's. He's seen in his prime - and in the clutches of the disease.

Campbell's wife, Kim, released the video to NBC News as a bitter family feud rages over his final days.

"So you weren't even told that your dad was put into a facility?" asked INSIDE EDITION'S Jim Moret in an interview with Campbell's daughter, Debby. 

"They weren't going to tell me where he was. I mean, I found out where he was through the media," responded Debby.

Debby says her stepmother moved him into the nursing home in Nashville without even informing her.

She shot an exclusive video of Campbell in his single room to prove he has not lost his musical touch.

"Does he know where he is?" asked Moret.

"Sometimes he'll think, 'Now honey, are we doing the show tonight?' Cause he's thinking we're in a hotel on the road," responded Debby.

Debby once performed with her dad as a back-up singer, but she says Kim shoved her aside so that her own daughter could perform in her place on his 2012 farewell tour.

Kim has said that Campbell's doctors advised her he needed round-the-clock care, and while having Campbell in a nursing home is heartbreaking, she's doing what is best for him.

His last TV appearance was at the Grammy's in 2012, and now this may be the very last performance of the music legend.