Lindsay's Happier Days

INSIDE EDITION looks back at Lindsay Lohan's sweet 16 birthday party when the promising young star was happy and full of hope.

Lindsay Lohan was out and about with her mother, Dina, over the weekend.  She showed off her flat stomach as her jail time looms near.

Since her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holly has resigned, Lindsay and her mother were also spotted lawyer shopping. 

She met with Chicago based attorney Stuart Goldberg.  He would not say if he's representing her.

"I can't tell you that yet.  She needs help," Goldberg told reporters.

INSIDE EDITION has just uncovered Radar Online's video of Lindsay's Sweet 16 birthday party. 

In happier times, long before her life fell apart, a charming and innocent Lindsay celebrated her 16th birthday with her family in Miami.  She was with then boyfriend Aaron Carter.  Believe it or not, she was even with her father, Michael, with whom she's now estranged.

Lindsay had a close relationship with her father back then.  In the video, he playfully held her down as a family friend smeared icing all over Lindsay's face.  A joyous celebration that was certainly a far cry from the life Lindsay is leading today.