Bridal Shop Visited by Ebola Nurse Amber Vinson Temporarily Shuts Down

An Ohio bridal shop owner has temporarily closed her doors for business after Ebola nurse Amber Vinson visited the retailer. INSIDE EDITION speaks with the owner.

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about nurse Amber Vinson's visit to her hometown of Akron, Ohio as she planned her wedding.

Amber visited the bridal shop Coming Attractions with seven of her bridesmaids to shop for bridesmaid's dresses.

Shop owner Anna Younker told INSIDE EDITION, "She picked out a dress, we looked at colors, and then we had the bridal party measured."

Younker said Amber didn't show any signs of illness.

"I said, 'Her?' I thought, it can't be her. She was perfectly fine. She wasn't sickly. She didn't cough, sneeze, blow her nose. She didn't, to me, show any sign that she had Ebola at all," said Younker.

Now, local health officials are reaching out to anyone who was in the store last Saturday between noon and 3:30.

Younker said, "We asked them, 'Should we clean the store? What kind of things should we do at this point?' And they said, 'If you want to.'"

The shop's owner temporarily closed the store on Thursday.

Amber's decision to visit Ohio after treating patient zero, Thomas Eric Duncan, has been widely criticized. But her family is leaping to her defense today.

In a statement, her mother says, "Let me be clear, Amber wasn't sick when she came home and she wasn't symptomatic when she departed for Dallas."

Amber's uncle, Lawrence Vinson, appeared on Good Morning America.

He said, "Amber is one of the most conscientious individuals I know. And she certainly would not have done anything to put the other passengers on that plane, or her family, at risk."

Today, police tape surrounds Amber's mother's house where Amber stayed during her trip.

As for Amber's bridal shop, plans are under way to have it disinfected this weekend.