911 Operator Helps Anxious Dad Deliver His Own Baby: 'We're Still in Shock'

The father was a nervous wreck as he was coached through the birth by the dispatcher.

A 911 dispatcher is earning nationwide praise after helping a father deliver his own baby inside his Pennsylvania home after his wife went into a quick labor. 

It all started when Arlee Benedict, who was pregnant with the couple's fourth child, went into labor in her bedroom on April 17 at 1 a.m. 

Her husband, Tim Benedict, called 911, but the ambulance broke down on the way, according to reports.

He was a nervous wreck, and can be heard panicking to the 911 operator when he called. 

"Honestly, it was terror," he told Inside Edition. 

But the 911 dispatcher, Katlynn Aulisio, kept her cool and instructed him on what to do.

"Tell her take a deep breath," the dispatcher said. "Honestly if she feels like she has to push. I'm gonna tell her to get ready and I’m gonna have you deliver the baby."

The father agreed, but continued to ask for help. 

Suddenly, Arlee let out a scream and five minutes later, Felicia Benedict, was born. 

“The baby's out! The baby's out!” Tim can be heard screaming.

“Calm down," Aulisio instructed. "Take a deep breath. You just delivered your baby. You're in the clear. Just relax, OK? This is gonna be a story to tell your friends."
“We're still in shock,” Tim told Inside Edition.

“It wasn't supposed to go that fast. Our others went quick but nothing compared to this,” Arlee added. 

Twenty minutes after dad first called 911 the paramedics arrived, Tim told them he was feeling “euphoric.”

Aulisio is being praised for her cool advice.
“If it weren't for Kate the dispatcher, I honestly don't know what I would have done," Tim said. 

On Wednesday, the family went to Lackawanna County 911 Center in Jessup, Pa., where Aulisio got to hold the little life she helped bring into the world.  

"The real superheroes are definitely mom and dad because he delivered his baby at home and she handled it like a champ," Aulisio told Inside Edition.