Renee Zellweger's Unrecognizable New Face

An unrecognizable Renée Zellweger appeared at a red carpet event and left everyone asking, ‘What happened to her face?’ INSIDE EDITION has details.

Does this woman look familiar? She's an Oscar-winning actress, but you may not recognize her today.

It's Renée Zellweger of Jerry Maguire and Bridget Jones's Diary fame.

The photo on the left shows Zellweger at the Academy Awards in 2001, and on the right is the 45-year-old actress last night on the red carpet at an Elle magazine event in Los Angeles. Big difference.

"What has Renée Zellweger done to her face?" is the headline on the website MailOnline.

On CBS's show The Talk, hosts Aisha Tyler and Sharon Osbourne both commented on the change.

Tyler said, "Renée doesn't look like Renée anymore."

Osbourne said, "I think she's just had the fatty eyelids removed."

New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Cangello agrees.

He said, "These are the eyes in the before picture, fuller up top, more skin and fat. In the after picture, you can see that the skin and the fat is gone and the eyes look more open. The cheeks in the after picture look to be a little bit fuller than they were in the before. She could have put filler material into the cheeks."

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Just how far will celebrities go to mask the years?

Check out the Instagram photo that TV chef Gordon Ramsay just posted of himself with Kris Jenner:

Not the most flattering picture.

But when Jenner posted a photo from the same event, the wrinkles on her face had miraculously vanished. She even made Ramsay look younger.