Inside Edition Goes Inside 'Portal To Hell'

Is a storm drain outside Cincinnati really a Portal to Hell? INSIDE EDITION ventured into the cavernous area to find out.

In the spirit of Halloween, on Tuesday, INSIDE EDITION told you about a place in Cincinnati, Ohio, that some locals refer to as the “Portal from Hell.”

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent couldn't resist checking it out.

On a wall, he read scribbled graffiti that said, "Turn Back Badlands To God's Chambers."

Trent didn’t turn back, he actually went inside.

What did he find?

First, let's check out what two guys interested in the paranormal say they found on this same scary journey Trent is taking. They posted a video on YouTube

In the YouTube video, one of the guys asked, "Do people come here and worship Satan?"

A voice answered, “Yes."

Trent didn't hear any voices, but it turned out to be one creepy and mysterious place.