Sweating It Out - Will Ebola Lawyer Be Banned From His Gym?

INSIDE EDITION speaks to Kaci Hickox’s lawyer who finds himself in an Ebola debate among some fellow gym members who are concerned about him sweating on the equipment.

Is Nurse Kaci Hickox's lawyer banned from his own gym? Attorney Norman Siegel was photographed with Hickox while she was under mandatory quarantine in a tent in New Jersey.  

The gym in question is the upscale Equinox Club where monthly memberships begin at almost $200 a month. According to a published report, two members got into a heated argument that almost turned physical when one guy said nurse Hickox's attorney should be barred from working out at the club.

One angry member was quoted as saying, “I’m going to tell the managers not to let Siegel in because he could sweat on the workout equipment." [Source: New York Post]

The other member countered, "You are a [expletive] moron!"

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the famed civil liberties lawyer. He said, "It is sad. It is symbolic of the fear people have about how Ebola is transmitted. I never had any physical contact with Kaci Hickox."

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old nurse is now she's apologizing to the citizens her hometown of Fort Kent, Maine.

She said on Meet the Press, “I understand that the community has been through a lot in the past week. I do apologize to them for that. I will not go into town, into crowded public places.”

She also got the full Saturday Night Live treatment.

In a skit, someone asked the actress playing Hickox, “What have you been doing since you broke quarantine?”
The actress replied, “Whatever I feel like! Took a dip in public pool. I volunteered at a kissing booth."

Hickox did comment on the skit, telling Meet the Press, "You know, I haven't seen it yet. My partner and I don't have cable here. I will look that up today."

Nurse Hickox's lawyer told INSIDE EDITION that there is no ban at his gym.