Exclusive: Sherri Shepherd's Ex Reveals Secrets Of Their Marriage | Inside Edition

Exclusive: Sherri Shepherd's Ex Reveals Secrets Of Their Marriage

Sherri Shepherd's ex husband, Lamar Sally, reveals behind-the-scenes secrets of their short-lived marriage.

Sherri Shepherd's ex, TV writer/producer Lamar Sally, says he got the shock of his life back in May when she suddenly filed for divorce and he says abandoned the unborn baby that they paid a surrogate $100,000 to carry.

INSIDE EDITION's Victoria Recano asked, “What happened?”

“She has a lot of issues,” he replied. 

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What were those issues? Lamar revealed the secrets behind their broken marriage. One problem, he complains, was how she constantly changed her mind about being part of a Hollywood power couple.

He said, “Everyday it was something different. It was, I used to call it, the flip-flop. Today was like we are working together. Tomorrow it was like, ‘No, you do your thing,’ it was separate. That was very tiresome.”

Another issue he claims was her spending habits.

“I don't want to say anything bad, but Sherri has a... she loved shoes. She loved to shop. Her average American Express bill was $25,000-a-month,” he said.

He shared a never-before-seen video from the day he proposed. It was Christmas time and he set the scene from inside his two bedroom modest Los Angeles apartment. He put up decorations and had Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" playing in the background.

He said, "When she came in, she seen this whole apartment lit up like Christmas. She was standing in the apartment crying.”

But was their marriage doomed? In the video, they joked about the ring.

In the video, she said, “I still haven't said yes yet.”

“I kind of noticed that. Good thing the ring is refundable,” he replied.

She said yes and they married in a lavish ceremony in Chicago. There were rumors that some ladies on The View didn’t approve.

He remembers this warning he says Goldberg had for Shepherd, "'With you being the primary breadwinner.' I was working, but she made more money than me, she [Goldberg] was like, 'Those roles. It's just kind of hard.'”

Now, the marriage is over. He wants Shepherd to co-parent and provide child support for the three month old baby Lamar Jr.

INSIDE EDITION’s Victoria Recano asked, “Do you regret marrying Sherri?”

He said, “I regret that I couldn't save her. That she's in that much pain that she would turn her back on a marriage and a child.”

Sherri Shepherd had no comment on this story.