Fire in the Sky! Meteor? UFO? Nope - Red Bull

A blaze of fire in the night sky had many Chicago residents wondering if they should be afraid. Turns out, it was a Red Bull stunt. INSIDE EDITION explains.

It's the freaky fireball in the sky that spooked the city of Chicago.

One Fox News reporter said, “It seems to be heading towards earth and then it fizzles out.”

Just what was it? A meteor? A comet? A UFO?

A Good Morning America reporter said, “NASA says that may have just been a piece of space junk.”

One guy who shot a video from the ground couldn’t believe his eyes. He said, “I looked up and I just saw this bright light that looked kind of like a comet or something."

But today the mystery has been solved. It was a skydiver with a flare on his boot!.

The spectacular stunt featured skydivers wearing wing-suits as they streaked across the night sky with sparks trailing behind them, the windy city spread out below.

One of the skydivers, Jon DeVore, told INSIDE EDITION, “We had no intention of confusing the people of Chicago. We were putting on a show for a different event, but it definitely excited enough people that they called in to all the local networks and it created a little buzz.”

Watch the Amazing Skydiving Footage

So what were they doing up there? Turns out it was all a promotional stunt for the energy drink Red Bull.

Chicago's mystery fireball just happened to occur on a big night for meteor sightings across the world. One took place in West Virginia, and there were multiple sightings in Japan.

So, rest easy Planet Earth, we are not under attack from space aliens!