College Basketball Dream Comes True for Survivor of Two Plane Crashes

Austin Hatch is fulfilling his dream to play college basketball after losing his entire family and nearly his own life in two plane crashes. INSIDE EDITION has the incredible story.

A college basketball player made a comeback that will take your breath away.

Austin Hatch, a 20-year-old freshman at the University of Michigan, has survived two plane crashes, both piloted by his father.

The first in 2003 killed his mom, brother, and sister.

The second disaster, eight years later, killed his dad and stepmother when it crashed into a house.

Austin suffered devastating injuries. He was in a medically induced coma for two months suffering severe brain trauma, and he had the emotional anguish of knowing he was now an orphan. It was almost inconceivable. Imagine losing your family, twice.

But Austin was determined to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing college basketball.

A few of his Instagram videos show him preparing to play again, which brings us to Monday night.

As Austin entered the game against Wayne State University with just over a minute left, he stepped to the free throw line and scored. It was just a single point, but it was Austin's first.

His teammates celebrated and the crowd went wild. The announcer at the game said, "I have chills going up and down my body right now."

Austin was hugged by his coach and spoke about the emotional moment after the game.

He said, "My goals are high, but, you know, not a bad way to start my career."

For someone who has experienced more pain than most of us could ever imagine, a moment of sheer triumph.