CEO Takes Bullets for Armored Car Company

The CEO of an armored car company puts himself in the line of fire to show the bullet proof power of their cars. INSIDE EDITION explains.

A businessman recently put his life on the line after climbing into the driver's seat of a Mercedes.

It wasn't a special effect, he really was sitting there calmly as one of his employees emptied an AK-47 at the windshield.

What on earth was going on there? Well, it was a product testing, Texas-style.

The video was made by a company that bullet proofs cars. Texas armoring corporation CEO Trent Kimball was so confident of his company's bulletproof glass, he climbed in and endured the barrage of slugs.

"We take product testing very seriously," said Kimball.

And in case you wondered, yes, he got out and walked away unscathed.

Not surprisingly, the video began with the warning, "Do not try or attempt to recreate or imitate the stunts shown in this video!"

We couldn't have put it better.