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Bono Cheats Death In Mid-Air Plane Scare

U2 singer Bono is thanking his lucky stars after a door on his private plane blew off in mid-air. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

U2 's Bono is lucky to be alive today after the back door of his private jet blew off in mid air.

Bono, along with three friends, was flying from Dublin to Berlin on his private Lear Jet 60. As his plane approached the landing in Germany, the back door suddenly blew off. The luggage in the cargo hold was sucked out. Thankfully, the plane landed safely a few minutes later. 

Blowouts on jets have played out in the movies. In Goldfinger, the villain is sucked out of a small plane. Ironman 3 showed people being sucked out of a giant hole in a plane.

But Bono is lucky.

Aviation expert Barry Schiff told INSIDE EDITION, "The door that came off is outside the pressure vessel. It is a non pressurized compartment, which is why no one was hurt. If it was a passenger door that came open or if a window came out, people would experience decompression rather rapidly."

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On Thursday, Bono was on the red carpet at an awards show in Germany looking none the worse for wear.