'It Happened to Me, Too:' Another Woman Accuses Bill Cosby of Rape

Joan Tarshis speaks to INSIDE EDITION about the bombshell accusation that Bill Cosby raped her.

Another woman is now speaking out to INSIDE EDITION with the bombshell accusation that Bill Cosby drugged and raped her.

Joan Tarshis is a journalist and music industry publicist who now lives in Upstate New York. She claims Cosby slipped something into her drink in 1969, when she was a 19-year-old aspiring actress in Los Angeles. 

Tarshis told INSIDE EDITION, "The more women who speak out about him will realize that he is a serial rapist and hopefully get him to stop. I started getting very drunk, so much so that I could not stand up. And that's all I remember, until the next morning when I woke up naked in bed next to him."

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She first went public in an essay published on the Hollywood Elsewhere website, writing, “I was sickened by what was happening to me and shocked that this man I had idolized was now raping me. Of course I told no one."

Tarshis told INSIDE EDITION, "He's too powerful how could you stop him. I'm just a little person, what am I going to say? 'He raped me,' who's going to believe that?"

INSIDE EDITION spoke to HLN  host Nancy Grace about the latest sexual assault claim being made against America's favorite TV dad.

Grace said, "It looks as if Cosby got special treatment, but we don't know that. We don't know if these claims are true, and if they are true why did they not proceed forward in a criminal court of law."

What Cosby's new accuser told INSIDE EDITION is eerily similar to what former actress Barbara Bowman said happened to her 30 years ago. 

Bowman said, “I was introduced to him at 17 and the grooming and the mentoring began then.”

She says she moved to New York City from Denver at Cosby's urging so he could mentor her career.

Bowman continued, “It was a very slow, very methodical, very manipulative situation. He was very slowly breaking me down, getting me very dependent on him. I was very, very scared of him. 

Bowman claims she was drugged and raped by Cosby multiple times, but says her nightmare finally came to an end when she found the strength to fight back.

Bowman recalled, “He came at me viciously to rape me. He pinned me down on the bed and was frantically trying to rip off my pants, and my clothes, and get his belt undone and his belt was caught and it was clinking. He was struggling, I was screaming, and screaming, and screaming and I created such a scene. I was scratching, and fighting, and wrestling to get out of there that he finally just couldn't take the fight anymore."

Joan Tarshis says Bowman's story inspired her to tell her story about Cosby. 

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked Tarshis, "If you could say anything to Bill Cosby, what would you say."

Tarshis responded, "Don't go to your grave with this, get some help. Admit you were wrong. But mostly get some help for himself. He's a very, very, very sick man."

Bill Cosby has never been criminally charged with sexually assaulting anyone. In 2006 he reportedly settled out of court with a woman who says she was molested by him, his attorney called those charges, "Preposterous."