Potty Mouth Princesses Are Back -- With Black Eyes

Those potty mouth princesses are back, this time bringing attention to domestic violence in another profanity-laced video. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Those controversial potty-mouthed princesses are back. This time in special-effects makeup as they transform themselves into victims of domestic violence.

One princess said in the video, "Got a problem looking at my [expletive] face?!"

The youngest of the princesses is six and the oldest is 12. There's even a little boy playing the part of an abusive brute.

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The first potty-mouthed princess video got 20 million hits and created a national firestorm.

A commentator on Fox News said, "It is not cute, it is not entertaining, it is totally inappropriate."

Sharon Osbourne said on The Talk, "I think it is so offensive."

Now, they are causing controversy yet again. The videos were made by a feminist group for pure shock value and to draw attention to sexism and domestic violence.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander spoke to the videos' director, Luke Montgomery.

Alexander asked, "What about those people who say it is going too far to have these little girls not only curse, but discuss and face the reality of abuse?"

He replied, "Absolutely not. They are young girls now but they are going to be young women. These statistics are going to be their lives."