More Chaos in Ferguson

Another night of unrest in cities across America as protestors took to the streets to protest the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri. But among the chaos there are some inspiring stories. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

There was a profile in courage in Ferguson as a lone woman faced down a looter trying to break into a Papa John's pizza restaurant. He’s joined by a second man who screams insults into her face. 

One kicked at the window and pushed her away, but she bravely stood her ground. 

Surprisingly the brave woman doesn't even work at the restaurant. She’s just a Good Samaritan who stepped in to try and save the neighborhood pizza place. A Papa John's spokesman is now calling her "amazing".

A Meineke auto repair shop wasn't so lucky. It was firebombed during another night of rioting.

INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian was on the front line, reporting, “At least one police car was set on fire, protesters are scattering everywhere. All sorts of police are showing up. “

An officer was heard saying, “We need to stop destroying property here on the city of Ferguson.  You need to get out of the street or you are subject to arrest.”

Fabian said, “Now we're being corralled by police, there's flares being shot, lots of people coughing around us, there's definitely been some pepper spray in the air.”

A young man who was pepper sprayed was having his eyes washed out with milk. Someone yelled, “Take him to the hospital, now!”

No one was spared, not even the church where Michael Brown's family worship. The pastor says it was torched by white supremacists, telling INSIDE EDITION, "I'm grateful that no one was hurt, nobody got injured, nobody died. You know, a building is replaceable but life, we cannot replace."

As riot police and protestors went eyeball to eyeball, a bizarre moment when a protestor hands over plastic handcuffs to the cop who dropped them. He said "Thank you." The protestors said, "You're welcome. "

The protests spread from coast-to-coast. There was chaos in New York’s Times Square as protestors tried to close the crosswords of the world.

In Minneapolis, a 16-year-old girl was run down by a car driving through a mob. The protestors beat on the windshield but he managed to drive away. Fortunately, the teenager suffered only slight injuries.

In Los Angeles, more protestors parked their cars in the middle of busy Interstate 101 South bringing Thanksgiving eve traffic to a complete halt.

Some guys rode on the hood of a California highway patrol car and one of them was actually taking selfies.