Woman, 88, Says She Was Attacked By Pit Bull Belonging to 'Real Housewives' Star Kim Richards

INSIDE EDITION speaks to an 80-year-old woman who says she was mauled by Real Housewives star Kim Richards’ pit bull.

Reality TV star Kim Richards' dog is at it again.

First, Kingsley, the pit bull, attacked its trainer, an incident featured on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Then came news that the dog bit Richards' 18-year-old niece, leaving her with injuries so severe that she needed surgery.

Now, another victim is speaking exclusively to INSIDE EDITION.

"It was just horrible," Kay Rozario said.

Eighty-year-old Rozario says she was visiting the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star at her home, relaxing on the bed, when she was mauled by Richards' pit bull.

She said, "I was bleeding like crazy and the flesh was hanging off my arm and the back of the hand was cut right through to the tendon."

Photos show the gruesome injuries in her hand and deep bite marks on her forearm.

She said, "Had I not had my arms up and he came at me, he would have gotten my throat and my eye."

Rozario was an old family friend who was once like a second mom to Kim, which she says made the TV personality's response to the attack even more upsetting.

Rozario told INSIDE EDITION, "Kim said, 'No, no, no. Don't call the paramedics. I'll get fired from my job. You must not tell anybody about this.' I think it's a terrible, shocking thing to say. The first thing you do is call a paramedic."

Richards calls Rozario's version untrue and says she offered to pay her medical bills.

Still, Rozario says she felt she had to speak out.

Rozario says, "Somebody needs to stop this girl."