Eaten Alive -- Not So Much!

Discovery’s Eaten Alive left many viewers hungry for more after learning the daredevil didn’t actually get eaten by a giant anaconda. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Not satisfying! That's what viewers are saying about the much hyped TV special that was supposed to show an adventurer being eaten alive by an 18 foot anaconda.

Matt Lauer of the Today show said, "Was he actually eaten alive or just cuddled really tightly?"

Wearing a protective carbon fiber suit, naturalist Paul Rosolie doused himself in pig's blood to make himself tasty, and crawled on all fours to get the snake's attention.

The snake indeed did strike.

Rosolie told INSIDE EDITION, "The last thing I saw was that mouth come straight at my face and everything went black."

And for a full hour the anaconda constricted and slithered around Rosalie's 5-foot-10-inch frame.

While the snake wrapped around him Rosolie said, "She's got all of her weight on me, I mean I cannot move right now.

But just as the snake started consuming the adventurer's head, he cried uncle! And who'd blame him?

In the segment Rosolie said, "I'm calling it, I need help."

But lots of viewers were disappointed they didn't see Rosolie devoured.

Twitter exploded with reaction during the telecast.

One smart aleck posted a photo of his dog biting his finger, with the caption: "Hey @discovery can I have my own show?"

Another disappointed viewer wrote, "Next time I watch something called eaten alive somebody better get eaten alive."

Looks like this adventurer may have bitten off more than he could chew.

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