UVA Rape Allegation Controversy Grows As Blogger Is Said To Reveal Student's Identity

A blogger has revealed the name of the woman he says is making the rape allegations at  the University of Virginia. The woman's name was made public in the wake of Rolling Stone's statement that it erred in not checking out more of her st

There's outrage over the naming of the college coed at the center of the discredited Rolling Stone article about a supposed gang rape at the University of Virginia.

A conservative blogger published what he says is the full name of the 20-year-old junior known throughout the nation only as "Jackie."

A photo showing her face was also posted.

Reaction has been swift and furious.

"Vile Journal Releases Unconfirmed Name of UVA Victim Jackie," read the headline on jezebel.com.
"The only purpose releasing her name could possibly serve is justifying the already prominent and twisted desire to doggedly discredit victims of sexual assault," continued the article.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent spoke to the blogger Charles C. Johnson.

Trent asked him, "Why would you out this woman's name?"

Johnson replied, "Because she's a liar. I take very seriously false allegations of rape."

Details of Jackie's story about being gang raped by seven frat boys at a party at Phi Kappa Psi are being called into question.

Washington Post reporter Taylor Rees Shapiro spoke to INSIDE EDITION about the incident, saying, "The fraternity pointed out that there was no party on the weekend of September 28th, 2012. In addition, no members of the fraternity during that time were employees of the aquatic fitness center. Apparently, Jackie's attacker allegedly worked there."

Shapiro spoke to Jackie. He told INSIDE EDITION, "Jackie told me that she stands by the story that was told in Rolling Stone."

Last week, Rolling Stone blamed Jackie for the inaccuracies in the story, saying "Our trust in [Jackie] was misplaced."

But the magazine has revised their statement, "These mistakes are on Rolling Stone, not on Jackie."

Rosie Perez of The View said,  "It was very irresponsible of Rolling Stone, I am very angry."

And Nicolle Wallace said of Rolling Stone, "You just set back the cause of the silent rape victim a decade with this story."

Now Jackie's roommate is coming to her defense. She wrote an article in the UVA newspaper. The headline reading, "Jackie's Story is Not a Hoax."

Emily Clark wrote that Jackie started her freshman year, "Bright, happy, and bubbly," but became, "Withdrawn and depressed," following the alleged assault two years ago.

Trent asked Shapiro, "Who is to be believed here?"

Shapiro responded, "It's two years in the past. It's hard to determine what happened in a locked room, especially two years ago."