President Obama To Stephen Colbert: 'How Hard Can This Be?'

President Obama took over the anchor chair on The Colbert Report, and the audience went wild. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

President Obama, host of The Colbert Report?

The President appeared on the late-night comedy show last night and all but kicked Colbert off his own show.

He told Colbert, "Stephen, you've been taking a lot of shots at my job. I decided that I'm going to go ahead and take a shot at yours."

After sitting down, the President joked, "How hard can this be? I'm just going to say whatever you were about to say."

Colbert responded, "Okie-doke."

The President sat at the anchor desk and pretended to be Colbert for his monologue segment.

To laughter, President Obama said, "I, Stephen Colbert, have never cared for our President. The guy is so arrogant, I bet he talks about himself in the third person."

He poked fun at Obamacare.

He said, "Remember the original website? I think that's where Disney got the idea for Frozen."

And he poked fun at himself.

Referring to a picture of himself, he joked, "Everyone eventually grows older, sometimes at a faster rate than others."

Later, the President sat down with Colbert for an interview and revealed that his family doesn't cut him any slack at home.

He told Colbert, "They tease me mercilessly for my big ears or my stodgy suits."

Colbert asked, "Do you do normal things like leave your socks on the floor and stuff like that?"

The President said, "I do."

"You do? How does that go over?" asked Colbert.

"Not well," joked the President.