Caught On Video: Standoff Between Cops And Stabbing Maniac

A stabbing inside a Synagogue ended in a dramatic standoff between police and the suspect, and it was all caught on video. INSIDE EDITION reports.

There was a dramatic standoff as a knife-wielding man was confronted by police. Officers ordered him several times to drop his weapon.

The man with the knife asked, “You want me to kill somebody here? Yes or no?”

"No," answered cops.

The whole drama was caught on cell phone video. In it, the suspect can be seen holding a nine inch blade in his right hand.  

The man asked, “You want to shoot me?”

“If you don't drop the knife, I will,” proclaimed a cop.

At one point, police convinced him to put the knife down and were preparing to take him into custody. That's when chaos erupted as he lunged for the weapon again. When he came at one of the officers, he was shot.  

The attack by the deranged man took place in a Brooklyn, New York synagogue. He stabbed a 22-year-old student, Levi Rosenblat, in the neck; he was rushed to the hospital but is expected to recover.
He was still threatening other people when police got there. The suspect, identified as 49-year-old Calvin Peters, died from gunshot wounds.  

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent watched the video with retired Detective Harry Houck, who said, “This here proves that police officers do not want to execute black men.”

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He says the recent uproar over police confrontations may have led the officers to hesitate before using deadly force.

“They gave him too much restraint here. A lot of people's lives are in danger and the police officers lives are in danger. I would have shot a lot sooner,” said Houck.

Police say the attacker was a troubled man who had a long history of creating disturbances.