Royal Repeat. Kate's Dress Gets High Marks - For Third Time!

Duchess Catherine and Prince William spent their final night in New York City at a lavish fundraiser for their former University inside the Met. INSIDE EDITION has all the details.

Duchess Kate looked stunning on Tuesday night as she and Prince William attended a glamorous black-tie event at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The $10,000-a-head gala was a fundraiser for St. Andrews University in Scotland, where William and Kate met and fell in love as students.

Prince William said, “It's often said by the undergraduates of St. Andrews that you leave the university in either one of two states, either married or an alcoholic. Fortunately for Catherine and me, we ended up married.”

Kate wore a blue-green off-the-shoulder evening gown. Some snooty critics are complaining that it was the third time Kate’s worn the same dress!

"That's three times for this dress," one observer said.

Hey, who cares?! What's amazing is that she's five-months-pregnant and can still fit into the gown.

Their U.S, adventure is over now. Will & Kate flew back home last night. Come back soon, guys!